The importance of writing short stories

Short stories are the best way to develop rich story line and give novel writing a fresh look. I have an inspiration notebook where I write details that stand out as I go through my day. Anything can trigger a great story. In fact 3 of my novels started out as short stories.

Let’s take a look at how to generate amazing ideas. Make a list of everything that can go wrong in a day. It can be anything from getting a flat tire to a hurricane hitting without warning. Imagine yourself in the situation down to the smallest detail. Where is the sun and how is reacting to the objects around you, or maybe the lack of light. Is it cold, is it hot, are there any emotions tied to the situation? Emotion is the key to connecting readers to your story.

Now make a list of every good thing that could happen. Remember it could be finding a twenty on the ground or something extreme like achieving your life long dream of becoming an astronaut. Even the small victories can develop a character.

Most important never stop exploring ways to generate ideas. If you hit writer’s block then be ready with your list to fuel new ideas until it flows smooth again.


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